The event tonight was at an amazing location. I painted a piggy bank ”Bacon on the prowl” 🐷  to help raise money for The Center of Autism and developmental Disabilities with Touro University. 

When I received  the piggy bank it took me a second to come up with a design. I started thinking about using it like a canvas and painting a scene that would flow on the 3D surface. But then it hit me. What if the pig was wearing a zip up outfit of another animal. Like the wolf in sheep’s clothing. I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of a pig wearing a tiger onesie. So that’s how it started. I wanted to make sure it was clear he was wearing a suit so I added the zipper and completed the design.  


#piggybank #painting #acrylic #tiger


The event was held at a mansion in Las Vegas with a beautiful garden and different fireplace in every room.  I’ve never been in a home this size before. It was incredible. The event had people from all walks of life and the conversations opened my eyes to the issues Americans face when being a child into the world. The cause for autism are a mystery but there are many strong ideas of how diet and over stimulation from technology could be changing the way children develop in the early stages.

My contribution to the event was part of a large auction of other art and different prizes that were donated from organizations in Las Vegas. I feel like this a great way to help the children that have autism you helping their education.