We Are Enormous

Steven Horlock is an artist that explores creative ideas and stories that spark the imagination of the viewer. He explores many genres and cultures as well as exploring his own interpretations of these ideas. With each new painting Steven strives to understand the techniques of painting from past artists to push himself to new levels of craftsmanship.

Steven is a self taught artist that spent years studying figurative drawing and portraits in oil painting. He currently has joined the ISI group and First Fridays to paint live in front of large audiences to connect with the viewers and explore new ideas that are based on group art show themes. Through his art, you can expect to be drawn in by his unique appreciation for the natural and simple beauty of the world. His painting process incorporates the power of dreams and visual interpretations of spiritual questions, giving birth to conceptual ideas that transform the way we understand the world we live in.  He is intrigued by humanity’s strength, obsessions, and curiosities. Steve uses his time painting as a form of meditation.Through his extensive practice, he brings his images to life on canvas. 

Each painting is a opportunity to explore a new idea, a new emotion, and a exploration of a moment in time thru light and design. I hope to explore the world and its complexities thru my own vision and interpretation.

As humans we are caught up in the dramas of life. Love, Hate, Happiness, Fear, Culture, and Mythology are links that hold us together as we sail around the universe on the 3rd rock from the sun. It seems obvious as to what we are and what we are doing here but yet we all have our own ways of loving and living and how we understand our place in the universe.As an artist I have a yearning to learn about all ways of life and I want to explore them in my paintings to create another narrative about how we live and dream.

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