Each painting is a opportunity to explore a new idea, a new emotion, and a exploration of a moment in time thru light and design. I hope to explore the world and its complexities thru my own vision and interpretation.


As humans we are caught up in the dramas of life. Love, Hate, Happiness, Fear, Culture, and Mythology are links that hold us together as we sail around the universe on the 3rd rock from the sun. It seems obvious as to what we are and what we are doing here but yet we all have our own ways of loving and living and how we understand our place in the universe.As an artist I have a yearning to learn about all ways of life and I want to explore them in my paintings to create another narrative about how we live and dream.


Steven has spent years mastering his drawing and painting techniques by studying from life and learning the techniques of the masters. He is always learning new techniques and skills on his journey.

Live Events

I am available for live events, body paint, murals and custom artwork. I have been working with local art groups at various events to create a creative experience for attendees. I am able to create large works in a short period of time with various mediums. I also have 6 years of body paint experience with a major body paint company.